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Rabbi Charles David Isbell, Ph. D.
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Charles David Isbell holds five
university degrees, including the
Ph.D. in Hebrew and Judaic Studies
(Brandeis University, 1973), where he
majored under Cyrus Gordon and
studied Bible with Nahum Sarna.

Since beginning his academic career
in 1972, at the University of
Massachusetts, Dr. Isbell has taught
numerous languages (Hebrew, Greek,
Latin, Arabic, Aramaic, and Akkadian
cuneiform) as well as a variety of
courses in Bible (history, literature,
and theology) and rabbinic thought.

A complete list of his published books
and articles is available on site.

He currently teaches in the
Department of Philosophy and
Religious Studies at Louisiana State
University (Baton Rouge), where he
also served as Director of Jewish
Studies from 2002-2007.
Photo of Rabbi Isbell
Louisiana State University
Department of Religious Studies, 107 Coates Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-3901
In addition to his academic
appointments, Dr. Isbell has served
various congregations as Cantor or
Rabbi, most recently completing a
seven-year term as Rabbi at Temple
Sinai in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Dr. Isbell has served as guest
speaker in synagogues and churches
throughout the USA and Canada, as
well as in Israel, and continues an
active schedule of speaking and
research in addition to his teaching
assignment at LSU.